Prescript is an independent communications and training agency,
working primarily for the pharmaceutical and science industries.

Barbara Fagg (Company Director) is a founding member of Prescript. Her career spans over 25 years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in research,
business development, marketing and communications. She focuses on business development and maintaining exceptional editorial content.

Peter Smith (Managing Director) is a founding member of Prescript and has seen his businesses evolve and adapt to healthcare market needs over 30 years. He leads the creative team and oversees the day-to-day running of the company. He is also responsible for business development.

Our medical and marketing writers have joined us from pharmaceutical companies, publishing houses, and other specialist agencies. They all have:

Honours degrees in biomedical sciences. Many of them also have PhDs or MDs

Extensive experience of developing training materials across various disease areas and brands

In-depth knowledge of the international regulations governing pharmaceutical promotion
Designers & Developers

Our design team have media-production backgrounds in film, branding,
advertising and programming. They specialise in:

Art direction and storyboarding

Developing iPad and iPhone apps

Website design and e-communications

Digital e-learning

Medical illustration
We work for global organisations, rolling out communications and training for affiliate companies. We also work directly for the local countries worldwide.

Our solutions are underpinned by effective project management and the principles of instructional design.
We specialise in the following areas:
Hot Topics
Selling Skills Workshop
Prescript has been commissioned to create a selling workshop series, rolling out a programme that can be adopted across brands. It will lead to a global masterclass workshop and will provide affiliate companies with a take-home toolkit for local roll-out.
Corporate Communications
A major pharmaceutical company has commissioned Prescript to provide a series of high-profile internal corporate campaigns to drive behaviour change.
Prescript develops training programs in Articulate StoryLine2, utilising every feature of the program to the best Instructional Design formats. Prescript’s IT Manager (pictured above) presented our approach at an Articulate workshop organised by Omniplex.
Delivering therapies into Africa
We’re currently designing an exhibition booth for an international scientific congress, featuring key messages and striking visuals that illustrate the journey from production of a life-saving antimalarial through to its delivery to patients in need in Africa.
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